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Stainless Steel Grille Powdercoating

Powdercoating is now FREE! Why? Creating a final part in stainless takes much more time than powdercoating. In the powdercoating process, the part gets sandblasted and coated with ~ 3 mils of powdercoating. This process fixes tiny scratches, welding discoloration, and graining that otherwise need to be performed to make a deliverable unit.

The Process
Powdercoating is a process that uses static electricity to cover metallic parts with a powdered paint. The charged unit and paint is then put in a oven to bake and solidify the powder. This creates a very even, thick, and durable coat of paint. Our powdercoating is outsourced, and done by professionals. This process includes sand blasting and other preparatory work, and has a running 3 week lead time.

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