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Toe Link Bar Replacement

This Toe Link bar replacement pair is made from aircraft-grade Aluminum and serves as a direct replacement for the stock toe links. The bars weight an astonishing 156 grams each (together, they weight less than a can of soda!). A special temper on the aluminum delivers high fatigue resistance; rated at half a billion cycles at +/- 6000 pound load.

This product is made for the long haul, and is covered under a lifetime warranty again bends, breaks, and fatigue.* Supplied with upgraded heim joint rod ends and fitment bushing

*Does not cover damage due to accidents. If suspension is damaged due to accident, replacement of toe link bar is suggested. BBB Motors, LLC is not responsible for damage to property due to failed components, toe link bar should be checked regularly if vehicle is raced or uses race-compound tires.

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